Grand Prairie Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are car keys made after 1995. These keys have a chip inside of them that starts the vehicle. They are programmed specifically for each vehicle and will only allow the car to start if the right chip is programmed. When transponder keys are put in the ignition, the car recognizes the chip and allows the ignition to turn and the car to start. This is your cars anti-theft system and secures that only your car will allow you to start the vehicle.

If you have lost your keys, your key broke or is damaged, or maybe the chip isn’t being read properly, we are here to help. All our technicians are experienced and professional. They have the equipment to program your new car key as quickly as possible. We will program the transponder key to any vehicle. Our services and prices are unbeatable. We know how important your car is to you and it is important to have a working key as quickly as possible.

Affordable locksmith

Locksmith GP is your most trusted locksmith in Grand Prairie. Other companies will tell you a starting price over the phone, and then make up an outrageous price once the technician arrives. We are very well experienced with transponder keys and will let you know the price before the technician proceeds. Our prices are unbeatable and there are no hidden fees.

Available all day, every day

Call us today to program you transponder key. Our friendly staff is available 24 hours and 7 days a week to get you the help you need. We will send our closest technician to wherever you are so that you don’t need to sit around waiting. We guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction. Our promise to you is to provide quick, reliable service to get you on your way.